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Maquina-de-grampear-Miruna-Modelo-g800-2 Maquina-de-grampear-Miruna-Modelo-g800

Model G800

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Semi-automatic stapling machine, used in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard packaging. Used to close the sides of the boxes, this machine has a lift table incorporated into the main body that automatically maintains the level of the boxes in the entry position for stapling, reducing effort and time spent feeding the work.

Technical Specification


Variable staple head speed of 800 staples per minute, which can be adjusted up to 999 staples per minute
Staple width, (crown) 14 mm
Staple length, (leg) 10,5 mm which optionally set to use 13,5 mm or 15 mm
Wire utilized 2,50 x 0,50 mm em uso normal ou 2,50 x 0,60 / 2,50 x 0,70 mm
Packed in plastic spools containing from 10 to 12 kg
Stapling angle inclination 45º to the axis of box
Number of staple types accepted in the program up to 50
Distance between staples from 20 to 60 mm
Maximum box width 2.000 mm
Maximum box height for stacker 1.500mm

Dimensions of Elevating Table

Platform width 2.310 mm, length 1.000 mm
Elevation 800 mm
Distance from floor to the lower level 320 mm
Maximum load 800 kg

Machine Dimensions

Width 2.900 mm
Length 2.000 mm
Height 2.000 mm

Installed Power

Elevating table motor de 2,0 HP 220/380 Volts. 60 Hz
Stapling head Servo Motor com 2,5 HP
Box transport belt Servo Motor com 3,3 HP
Total weight 2.350 kg

The above specifications may change at any time at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.