Wire stitching machines

Since 1950 Miruna dedicates itself to the manufacture of machines for industrial stapling, producing equipment mainly for the printing industry, laminated wood boxes for produce farmers, corrugated cardboard boxes, and the furniture industry.

Stitching wires

In 1980 Miruna started manufacturing round and flat stitching wires. By focusing on the client and the search for innovation, Miruna was able to offer customized solutions attending to each individual need, presenting wires with different finishes and measures, always adapted to international quality standards.

Pneumatic Tools – Staplers and Nailers

In 1989 Miruna was invited to represent exclusively the German group BeA in the Brazilian market, supplying fastening solutions and technical assistance to customers. Through service and spare parts, Miruna ensures proper maintenance and safe operation for the fastening systems.

Staples, Pins and Brads

The newly incorporated German fastening expertise paved the way for the introduction of a new product line consisting of industrial staples. Manufactured to international specifications and quality standards with the recently acquired technology, the Miruna´s new wide range of fastening solutions was innovative for the Brazilian market.

Coil Nails – BeA Brasil

In 1997, the partnership between Miruna and BeA enabled to form a joint venture, the “BeA Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda”, solely producing coils with electro-welded nails with German quality technology, offering customers complementary products to the existing product line.

Nylon Coated Binding Wire – Lötters & Miruna Arames

At the beginning of the 21st century, responding to a partnership invitation to complement the product line for the graphic binding segment, Miruna forms its second joint venture. This time with the German company Drahtwerk Friedrich Lötters. The cooperation and exchange of expertise in production of wires enabled the establishment of “Lötters & Miruna Arames Ltda”, producing polymer-coated wire in various colors and diameters, mainly used in the manufacture of notebooks, diaries and calendars.