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Carton Closing Staples – Packfix and Clincher

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Miruna staples for closing corrugated cardboard boxes (bottom and cover) are manufactured with low carbon steel and coated with a layer of zinc or copper to provide protection against oxidation and aesthetic finish.

The staple, when used on the cardboard box, provides resistance, creating greater capacity to carry heavy contents.

Another advantage of the staple is its protection agains violation: the staple becomes a seal on the package, unlike the popular adhesive tapes.

With Miruna´s staples you can guarantee that your packages and their respective contents will arrive at the final destination safe and intact, even after handling and transportation.

The surface finishing options offered by Miruna are the traditional copper, which provides a look that matches the tone of the cardboard box, and galvanized. This one offers important advantage for the sustainability of business and the planet: the zinc provides superior protection against corrosion, increasing the useful life of the materials. Both types of staples are recyclable, however the zinc is considered more ecological.