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Grampeador-manual-bea-caixa-papelao-MT-A18-1518-2 Grampeador-manual-bea-caixa-papelao-MT-A18-1518

BeA Manual Stapler MT – carton closing tool

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The BeA manual carton closing tool drives staples type 32 with legs lengths of 15-18 mm, or staples type 35 with legs lengths of 15-18 mm or 18-22 mm.
Advantages: one of the main technical advantages of the carton closing tool series “MT” is easy handling. The lightweight of the tool makes it easy to place the carton-closing staples quickly and accurately. Quick re-loading magazine technology saves time and money. The series “MT” tool uses staples with two leg lengths in one tool.
Applications: all kinds of carton closing jobs.

Model: Series “MT“
Weight: 2,1 kg
Dimensions (lenght, height, width): L 433, H 220, W 115 mm
Staples type: 35 with legs lengths 15-18 mm or 18-22 mm
32 with legs lengths 15-18 mm
Magazine capacity: 100-120 staples

* The above specifications may change at any time, at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.