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Coil nails for timber construction

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MAIN APPLICATIONS: Wood frame houses. Assembling the structure, fixing the OSB or Plywood boards, roof and wooden trusses, decks and others.

THE MOST RESISTANT AND STRUCTURED HOUSE DEPENDS ON THE MATERIAL USED: to manufacture the coil nails Miruna chooses selected raw materials, such as low carbon steel with low scrap incidence. For wood frame houses, it is further treated with zinc to attend 240 hours of salt spray test, or more, without oxidizing.
The Pine Wood is the type of wood most used in this application. It is a soft wood so the ring shank is the right type of nail indicated.

Not only the right choice of the materials, but also the quantity of nails used in the structure and boards make total difference as to guarantee a resistant house.
For the assembly of the house in WOOD FRAME in Brazil, a project prepared by an engineer, with registration (ART and CREA) is required.

the most used nails for this type of construction are: 2,50 x 50, 2,80 x 80, 3,10 x 90 among others. Please contact MIRUNA´s sales team to get more information.