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Arame-Polido-Miruna-Rolo Arame-Carretel-1A-22-Kg-Miruna Arame-Carretel-2-10-Kg-Miruna-2 Arame-Carretel-2-10-Kg-Miruna

Wire For Stitching Applications In Corrugated Cardboard, Wood, Plastic And Other Materials

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These wires are used in the corrugated carton box industry, for closing the side of boxes. Suiting every need, the wire coils may be prepared in spools of 4.50 kg and 10.0 kg. These wires are packed in cardboard boxes, for easy handling and storage.

The ideal gauge depends on its utilization. For example, work with thicker cardboard box would be more appropriate to work with a greater thickness, ensuring the correct wire penetration in corrugated carton. There are some types of wire that are most common for this application. Even though, our sales department will be happy to supply something different if needed.

The finishing of this wire can be either copper coated or galvanized, ensuring greater protection against the weather.

To increase service life, keep the wire spools inside the original corrugated box, safe from moisture, until they are used. For more tips, ask our salespeople for Miruna Manuals.

Arames galvanizados e cobreados:

Medidas do Arame

Wire Measurements



Espessura Máx de Grampeação

Max. Stitching Thickness

(m/kg ; pés/lb)

(m/kg ; feet/lb)

Máquina Miruna

Miruna´s Stitching Machine

2,5 x 0,50

0.099 x 0.0197

12 mm

97 ; 151

Modelo 2

Modelo G 800

2,5 x 0,60

0.099 x 0.024

15 mm

86 ; 148

Modelo 2

Modelo G 800