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Grampeador-bea-92-32-632C-2 Grampeador-bea-92-32-632C

BeA Pneumatic Stapler 92/32-632 Contact

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The stapler 92/32-632 C takes staples type 92 in leg length from 15 mm to 32 mm.

Application: its main applications are door and window manufacturing, case goods assembly, wooden boxes, brooms and upholstered furniture.

Advantages: thinking of the operator´s wellbeing, the compact and well-balanced BeA Stapler 92/32-632 C is a powerful tool that produces very low noise levels. The security is also important and the contact actuation reinforces it. The slender nose affords better operator visibility for more precise fastener placement. Additionally, this tool has a quick release nose, also providing a fast and easy work.

Model 92/32-632 C


1,37 kg

Emission sound pressure level at the workstation


Single shot emission sound pressure level

L pA, 1s, d = 79B



L WA, 1 s,d = 87dB


L 255, H 198, W 56,5 mm

Magazine capacity


Operating pressure

5 - 8 bar