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Grampeador-bea-90-32-611c-2 Grampeador-bea-90-32-611c

BeA Pneumatic Stapler 90/32-611 Contact

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This efficient taker drives staples type 90 in lengths from 15 – 32mm.
Application: Cabinetry, interior trim, lattice panels, finished gypsum board to interior wall panels-manufactured housing.
Advantages: a lightweight and particularly well-balanced tool. The compact design of the 90/32 – 611 tacker makes an ideal tool for high-speed applications and for getting into hard to reach staple placements. The long magazine reduces time spent loading - ask our sales team for that version too.

Model: 90/32-611 Contact
Length: 221 mm
Width: 55 mm
Height: 198 mm
Weight: 1,3 kg
Operating pressure: 5 - 8 bar
Max. operating pressure: 8 bar