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Grampeador-BeA-200_90-838-C Grampeador-200_90-838-C Grampeador-bea-200-90-838C

BeA Pneumatic Stapler 200/90-838 C

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The BeA stapler model 200/90-838 C is used in wood and timber house construction, packaging and pallets.
It is a safe handling tool (contact release), fast and powerful. It promotes comfort to the user and has depth adjustment.
Fastener: BeA Staples type 200. Length 40 – 90 mm.

Modelo: 200/90-838 C
Lenght: 37 cm.
Height: 36,2 cm.
Width: 10,7 cm.
Tool weight: 3,1 kg.
Operating pressure: min 6 bar – max 8 bar.

* The above specifications may change at any time, at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.