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Pregador-Pneumatico-BeA-567-DCC-01 Pregador-Pneumatico-BeA-567-DCC-03 Pregador-Pneumatico-BeA-567-DCC-02

BeA Pneumatic Stapler 567 DCC

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Like all BeA Coil Nailers, the coil nailer model 567 is extremely powerful and robust. This pneumatic tool uses coil nails in thicknesses from 2.1 up to 2.5 mm and lenghts of 32 to 65 mm.
This model was developed for all kinds of carpentry work and timber frame constructions, where higher quality applications are demanded. You can easily adjust the depth of the nails and the nose is prepared for toe nailing (angle position).
Thinking of comfort, ergonomics and safety, the magnesium housing gives the perfect lightness and, at the same time, balance. The adjustable air axhaust prevents wood dust from reaching your face and the integraded sound absorption system provides comfort for the user.
Depending on the operator´s needs, it has simple and quick adjust of contact or sequencial triggering.


Technical data:

Weight: 2,05 kg
Air pressure: 5 – 8 bar
Lenght: 306 mm
Width: 128 mm
Height: 268 mm

* The technical specifications indicated above may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.