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BeA Pneumatic Stapler 14/50-780 C

DescriptionTechnical SpecificationsDownload (pdf)

The pneumatic stapler 14/50-780 C drives staples type 14 and in lengths from 32 mm to 50 mm.

Applications: furniture frame assembly, pallets and crates, prefabricated house industry, framing, roofing, subflooring.

Advantages: the operator friendly tool: very light, fast and well balanced. It is a very powerful quality made German tool, that drives up to 50 mm. Since it drives big staples, the slanted nose is the secret for flush stapling, resulting in more precision. It performs a fast shot sequence, and the new magazine design for quick reloading, adding the quick release front nose promote an easy operation that increases the productivity. The easy depth-control adjustment guarantee the best performance as well. Thinking of the users, the new ergonomic handgrip is operator friendly, causing less fatique and the adjustable exhaust protects the operators from dust. For more security, it is available with contact actuation or with single shot actuation.

Modelo: 14/50-780 C
Weight: 2,31 kg
Operating pressure: 6 - 8 bar
Max. operating pressure: 8 bar

* The above specifications may change at any time, at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.